Zsófia Barát


Zsofia Barat is an Attorney-at-Law at Andersen in Hungary. She joined the law firm in 2013. A substantial part of her work makes use of her British legal education and native English language skills. She specializes in serving the needs of international clients by drafting bilingual agreements and memorandums on a wide array of legal matters, helping international clients enforce their rights under Hungarian law, and providing advice on matters concerning European Union law and the conflict of laws. In addition, she takes part in preparing submissions for international court proceedings.

Zsofia also engages in maintaining a desk (i.e. providing complex and continuous legal support for multinational companies both on-site and remotely.). Her work encompasses the representation of the client’s interests vis-á-vis public authorities and business partners, as well as in international arbitration proceedings. She provides legal advice in matters related to corporate law and contractual law with emphasis on trade and service agreements, as well as the implementation of and compliance with operative data protection regulations. As part of her services, she engages in providing legal aid to the employees of such multinational companies on most civil law related matters particularly in connection with the entire legal process of real property acquisition.

In addition to the above, Zsofia has considerable experience in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. she takes part in legal due diligence reviews, prepares due diligence reports, and drafts share and asset sale and purchase agreements in both English and Hungarian.