Áron Mátyás Somogyi


Áron Mátyás Somogyi is a Partner at Andersen in Hungary. He has more than 10 years of legal advisory experience at a credit institution primarily in connection with financing, consumer protection and advertising related issues. His extensive practice encompasses representing clients in lawsuits in various areas of law, providing legal advice in connection with antitrust law, IT law and copyright law. Áron engages in providing a wide range of legal consultancy services for Hungarian and international companies and in liquidation proceedings.

At present Áron is primary engaged in handling the real estate portfolio of a multinational real estate development enterprise. His tasks extend to the entire scope of real property management including the acquisition of real property, financial issues (especially loan agreements), development (construction agreements) and leasing of the entire portfolio of real properties. He regularly represents clients in real estate transactions and the acquisition of special assets such as artworks, special cars and vessels.

Áron is a guest lecturer for antitrust law seminars at Pázmány Péter Catholic University and has been a member of the Hungarian Competition Law Association since 2015.