Erik Landgraf


Erik Landgraf is an Attorney-at-Law at Andersen in Hungary. He has decades of legal advisory experience gained at credit institutions primarily in the area of financial and banking law. As Head of the Legal Department of FHB Mortgage Bank Plc., his significant practical experience included creating and operating real estate financing and refinancing structures, establishing financial service provider company groups, and developing the regulatory environment. Erik was a founding member of the Hungarian Mortgage Bank Association, and actively participated in the legislation process concerning financial law, namely in the professional disputes concerning the mortgage chapter of the new Hungarian Civil Code and in the regulation of loans with a collection account in assistance of debtors with non-performing foreign currency loans.

His recent experience includes:

  • elaborating complex refinancing structures and contractual terms and conditions for the fulfillment of the mortgage financing compliance indicator
  • legal advice in connection with the transposition of regulatory changes concerning financial service providers affecting their system of contracts
  • providing legal advice in connection with retail mortgage lending and commercial bank cash flow
  • participating in review procedures under the control of the National Bank of Hungary and taking part in approval procedures concerning the activities of financial institutions
  • creating and implementing financial intermediary structures
  • advising in connection with the sale of a Hungarian credit institution and financial enterprise and preparing a legal opinion on related documentation