Szilvia Szilágyi


Szilvia Szilagyi is an Attorney-at-Law at Andersen in Hungary. She primarily deals with corporate, commercial and real estate matters, including the establishment and acquisition of companies as well as managing the efficient restructuring and liquidation of companies. Her work encompasses legal consultancy for Hungarian companies and Hungarian subsidiaries of multinationals in the areas of corporate commercial and real estate law.

Szilvia has considerable experience in connection with insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy law, including legal assistance during liquidation proceedings, work-out matters, legal representation of companies undergoing liquidation and providing legal support for appointed liquidators. She also engages in drafting documentation for the voluntary liquidation of companies as well as managing and monitoring the entire process of voluntary liquidation.

In addition to the work detailed above, Szilvia regularly participates in conducting legal due diligence investigations and preparing due diligence reports relating to company acquisitions for various entities, in particular financial institutions.

At present, Szilvia is primarily engaged in the liquidation of a credit institution, providing the full scope of legal advisory services in connection with the liquidation including legal assistance to the appointed liquidator, collecting receivables, legal consultancy, drafting documentation relating to the sale of the debtor’s assets, participating in the public sale of assets, drafting sale and purchase agreements regarding real properties and other assets, supervising the entire process of the sale as well as representing the debtor company before court and in out-of-court proceedings.